‘Killer Instinct’ “ARIA” Trailer Revealed

The cybernetic head of Ultratech can now be seen in presumably the final character-trailer for Killer Instinct: Season Two.

Previously teased during the stinger of Cinder’s trailer, ARIA will be the final playable character of Killer Instinct: Season Two. She will also act as the final boss of KI‘s future Story Mode. ARIA’s AI is housed within three floating drone, with each one capable of projecting a nano-machine-constructed body. Each drone-projected body contains a different perk linked with flight, melee range, and projectile attacks.

ARIA will be available for Killer Instinct: Season Two – Ultra Edition owners starting on 5/29; those with the “Combo Breaker” version will have access to the character on 6/4.

Source: Maximilian_Dood
Image courtesy of Iron Galaxy, Rare, Microsoft

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