“Vega” Confirmed For ‘Street Fighter V’

The masked claw-wielding matador is coming back for another round in Street Fighter V.

Capcom is slowly teasing the cast of fighters in the upcoming fifth numbered installment of their famed Street Fighter franchise. The stand-alone next-gen debut of the series, Street Fighter V introduces the new “V-Skill” system, which adds an additional meter that allows for character-specific abilities and attacks. Specific stages also include destructible scenery and interactive elements, though primarily for cosmetic use, such as a bowl of ramen falling on the losing character’s head.

Yet another character was revealed for Street Fighter V today during Gamescom 2015. The iconic matador Vega will be playable in the upcoming title, complete with the new ability to retract his signature claw for an alternate fighting-style. Vega’s two revealed V-techniques allow him to perform a dodge-counter (“Bloody Kiss” V-Trigger) and create combo-openings by tossing a rose at his opponent (“Matador Turn” V-Skill).

A release date has not been scheduled, however Street Fighter V will release for PC and PS4. An online SFV Beta was held recently, but was taken offline due to server issues. Capcom has not revealed when the next Beta test will go live.

Source: Capcom
Images courtesy of Capcom

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