‘Killer Instinct: Season 3’ Sees Return Of “Kim Wu”

Teased in the stinger for the Rash trailer, Kim Wu is officially coming back to Killer Instinct.

Xbox One owners saw the glorious return of Killer Instinct, with the 2013 franchise revival from Microsoft, Rare and initial developer Double Helix. Reimagined for next-gen, the new Killer Instinct decreased the execution difficulty from the previous games, while retaining the same bombastic fast-paced gameplay. Some of the franchise’s core fanbase may have been put-off by the lack of a “complete” roster, however several iconic characters have returned between Season One and the Iron Galaxy-developed “Season 2”. Six new characters have also been added into the frenzy, with Sadira, Omen, Hisako, Kan-Ra, Aganos and ARIA.

While the Killer Instinct: Season 2 Story Mode blatantly hinted at the possibility of a third expansion, Microsoft officially announced during their Gamescom 2015 conference that Killer Instinct: Season 3 was in development. The announcement came with a brand new trailer for KI‘s first cross-over character, Rash of Rare’s Battletoads franchise. Equipped with an arsenal of moves taken directly from the Battletoads series, Rash was playable for a very brief Beta period, only lasting a few days:

A pair of nunchaku can be seen in the closing stinger, suggesting that Kim Wu would be the second Season 3 character. One of the official hubs for the KI community, Ultra Combo recently opened a new forum page specifically for Kim Wu, further hinting at the character’s return.

The final confirmation of Kim Wu’s return comes from the forum’s new headline quote from Microsoft Creative Director Adam Isgreen and Ultra Combo Community Manager “rukizzel”:

“If we were to do Season 3 of Killer Instinct, we would definitely have Kim Wu return. Well guess what, we’re doing Season 3. Tell us your thoughts about Kim Wu.”

Kim Wu made her franchise debut in 1996’s Killer Instinct 2/Killer Instinct Gold. The 17-year-old Chinese martial artist is a descendant of those who banished Eyedol and Gargos. Armed with a pair of black nunchaku, Wu sets out to fulfill her destiny and destroy the newly released Gargos. The KI: Season 2 Story Mode isn’t a direct retelling of the original lore, however Omen’s existence and the closing Story cutscene both suggest the return of Gargos, and Kim Wu’s call to action.

Killer Instinct: Season 3 will arrive in March 2016 for Xbox One, alongside the debut of the PC version.

Source: Ultra Combo
Image courtesy of Rare, Nintendo

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