‘Killer Instinct’ “Kim Wu” Trailer Revealed, Next Cross-Over Character Teased

Kim Wu now has an official trailer featuring a brief tease at a cross-over character from the Halo universe.

PAX South hosted the first annual Killer Instinct World Cup finals this weekend in San Antonio, TX. The final tournament event doubled as a panel for Microsoft and Iron Galaxy to let loose on more details regarding Killer Instinct: Season 3, set to launch sometime this March. Along with the official reveal of the next Season 3 character, more than 3 hours of gameplay tweaks were revealed over the duration of PAX South.

Her weapon-of-choice was briefly shown in the stinger for the KI: Season 3 debut Rash trailer stinger, however classic fighter Kim Wu was officially shown yesterday at PAX South. As with the rest of the cast, the Korean martial artist was reimagined with a modern twist, now armed with a gold-laced dragon nunchaku and sporting an open-caped variation of her original purple Chinese qipao.

The new Kim Wu is a college fashion design student set on fulfilling her destiny to kill Gargos upon his return; her ancestors defeated Gargos once before, and prevented his return over the course of their lineage.

Kim Wu will be the second character to launch within Killer Instinct: Season 3, following cross-over character Rash of the Battletoads franchise. As the stinger suggests, Halo‘s Arbiter will be the next cross-over character making their Killer Instinct debut, however it has not been confirmed whether the Arbiter or the previously confirmed Tusk will be the third available character in Season 3.

Killer Instinct: Season 3 will release for Xbox One and PC this March. The title will be a Cross-Buy game through the Windows 10 store; anyone who purchases a copy will receive KI: Season 3 on both platforms.

Source: Iron Galaxy
Images courtesy of Microsoft, Iron Galaxy, Rare

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