Remaining ‘Killer Instinct’ Characters Leaked, New Mode Revealed

A third cross-over character, Maya’s late sister, and a new gameplay mode are heading to Killer Instinct: Season 3.

After 3 years of consistent updates and content releases, the presumably final content season of Killer Instinct is nearly here. Upon launching in late-March, Killer Instinct: Season 3 will feature 4 characters at launch; Tusk, Kim Wu, and cross-over characters Rash (Battletoads) and Arbiter (Halo). Along with the ability for PC and Xbox One players to go head-to-head online, Season 3 is a cross-buy title, meaning players only need to purchase one copy between either platform.

A now-deleted NeoGAF account recently leaked two new characters and a new gameplay mode launching in later updates to Killer Instinct: Season 3. Not much is known about her existence, however Maya’s late twin sister “Mira” has been leaked; a new entry in the KI franchise, Mira is first introduced to players during the Story Mode. Following Rash and Arbiter, a third cross-over character is leaping from a Microsoft-exclusive franchise into Killer Instinct; the main antagonist of the original Gears of War, Locust elite General RAAM has been outed as a future playable character, though official character assets have not been revealed. A new Shadow Lords gameplay mode is expected to arrive after the release of Season 3, though no further details have been given; the leaked screenshot suggests this mode involves a worldwide war, potentially featuring character upgrades and status modifiers, and possible online play. The following images are from the original NeoGAF post, courtesy of Shoryuken:

Killer Instinct: Season 3 will release for Xbox One and PC on 3/29; Windows 10 is required for the PC version.

Sources: NeoGAF, Shoryuken
Images courtesy of Shoryuken, Microsoft, Iron Galaxy, Rare

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