‘Gears Of War’ “General RAAM” Now Available In ‘Killer Instinct: Season 3’

The commander of the Locusts, the final boss of Gears of War is now playable in Killer Instinct: Season 3.

A surprising amount of information surrounding 2016 releases leaked out through NeoGAF and social media during the first quarter of the year. Killer Instinct was no exception, as two characters and a brand new gameplay mode were teased in screenshots posted on NeoGAF; players caught their first glimpses of DLC character Mira and the new Shadow Lords mode months before their official releases.

With the release of Gargos now in the past, the next Killer Instinct: Season 3 character has officially arrived. Outed in the very same NeoGAF post, General RAAM is now playable in both the Xbox One and PC versions of Killer Instinct: Season 3. General RAAM first appeared in the original Gears of War, serving as the leader of the Locusts and the final boss of the game; a DLC expansion allowed players to briefly play as General RAAM in Gears of War 3. While very little gameplay is shown in RAAM’s trailer, the Gears cross-over character is a tank-like character, capable of striking foes with his blade and a horde of Kryll:

General RAAM is the seventh character in Season 3, and the third cross-over character to be featured in Killer Instinct, following Rash and Arbiter of Battletoads and Halo fame. The final character has yet to be revealed, however many speculate him or her to be Eyedol, the final boss of the original Killer Instinct.

All three seasons of Killer Instinct are available for Xbox One and PC exclusively through the Windows 10 Store; the title and all DLC content are cross-buy, meaning it only needs to be purchased once between both platforms.

Source: Iron Galaxy
Image courtesy of Iron Galaxy, Microsoft, Rare

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