‘Killer Instinct’ “Mira” Officially Revealed With New Trailer

The vampiric Mira shines in the latest trailer for Killer Instinct: Season 3.

The third season of DLC content for Killer Instinct is now underway, with new modes and characters available for not just the Xbox One, but as well as the recent PC release on Windows 10. With the majority of classic Arcade/Nintendo era characters out of the way, Iron Galaxy will unleash four new characters into the Killer Instinct universe- three of which are cross-over characters from other Rare and Microsoft properties.

Following Rash and Arbiter of the Battletoads and Halo franchises, Microsoft and current developer Iron Galaxy unveiled a trailer for the next brand new Killer Instinct character, Mira. Though not playable in Season 2, Mira briefly appears in the closing moments of Maya’s Story Mode ending; believed to be long deceased, Mira is the fallen sister of Maya, resurrected as a vampire for unknown reasons.

Mira will be the fifth character included in Season 3, with Gargos, Gears of War villain General RAAM, and a currently unknown character arriving over the next few months. Mira is expected to release before the end of this month for owners of Killer Instinct: Season 3 on both Xbox One and PC.

Source: Iron Galaxy
Image courtesy of Iron Galaxy, Microsoft, Rare

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