Hideo Kojima Announces ‘Death Stranding’ At E3 2016

After several teases from Hideo Kojima, Sony fans got…another tease from Kojima, but this time with in-engine footage.

2015 was a rough year for Hideo Kojima and the staff of Kojima Productions. Though publisher Konami continuously downplayed statements from Kojima Productions and affiliated voice actors, last year saw the cancellation of the Kojima/Guiermo Del Toro/Norman Reedus Silent Hills title, the removal of Kojima Productions branding from promotional Metal Gear Solid V materials, the renaming of Kojima Productions LA to “Konami Los Angeles Studio”, and the inevitable split between Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions and Konami.

Once the dust from the fallout had cleared, Konami reassured fans that Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid would still continue; both franchises are still going strong, but as with the fate of Castlevania, the latest chapters of both franchises are pachinko/slot-machine “pachislot” gambling machines.

Hideo Kojima resurfaced earlier this year sporting a beard, this time to announce a new project with Sony. Up until Sony’s E3 2016 conference yesterday, very little was known about the new game from Kojima Productions, other than it would release exclusively for the PS4 and star the new mascot of the reformed Kojima Productions. Kojima briefly took the Sony stage yesterday to reveal yet another teaser for their upcoming game, though fans now have a title to latch onto- “Death Stranding”. While very little is known about Death Stranding, the eerie in-engine teaser trailer confirms “The Walking Dead” actor Norman Reedus is once again starring in a Kojima Productions title after the cancelled Silent Hills.

Death Stranding will release exclusively for the PS4; a release window has not been announced.

Source: Kojima Productions
Image courtesy of Kojima Productions

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