‘Sea Of Thieves’ Gets First Gameplay Trailer At E3 2016

Set sail on the high seas with Sea of Thieves, a multiplayer pirate simulator coming later this year from Rare.

Rare is departing from the classics for a while to work on a brand new IP, Sea of Thieves. Announced at E3 2015, Sea of Thieves is an open-world pirate simulator, where online players can form a crew and establish roles once they obtain a ship. As it is a pirate simulator, each crew must pillage and plunder for resources and money, and fight against other online sailors of the high seas.

Xbox One fans got their first look at Sea of Thieves gameplay with this year’s E3 2016 presentation. Featuring members of Rare playing under the watchful eye of “facecam”, players get to see two crews clumsily man pirate ships as they navigate between islands and ports, until they have a classic pirate cannon trade-off in the water.

Sea of Thieves will release for Xbox One and PC through the Windows 10 Store later this year.

Source: Rare
Image courtesy of Rare

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