Pokemon World Championships Potential Shooting Thwarted By Boston PD

Two armed men were arrested this weekend at the Pokemon World Championships for “threatening violence” against event attendees.

A recent report from the Boston Police Department states that two men were arrested Friday for “threatening violence” towards attendees of the Pokemon World Championships. Local law enforcement was tipped-off to the potential attack via social media; the men were arrested at their hotel on Friday after a search warrant was obtained. Several unlicensed weapons were found in their Iowa-registered vehicle, including a 12-gauge shotgun, AR-15, several hundred rounds of ammunition and a hunting-knife.

Held this year in Boston, MA, the Pokemon World Championships are open for kids and young adults worldwide, featuring divisions for both the Pokemon video games and the “Pokemon TCG” trading card game. Over $2 million in prizes and scholarships are awarded to the finalists and winners throughout the circuit.

Source: FOX News Boston
Image courtesy of Nintendo, Game Freak

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