‘Guilty Gear’, ‘Marvel Super Heroes’, “Kill la Kill”, Veterans Launch Game On Kickstarter

A previous Arc System Works Artist, Capcom Background Artist, Kill la Kill Animation Director, AMD System Engineer and more have come together to launch a Kickstarter for their debut game, Judgement of Rage.

Godcat Studio (“Kami Neko” Studio) is a brand new studio created from Fighter genre, animation, and PC hardware engineering veterans; the studio houses talented individuals who have contributed to the likes of the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue franchises, EX Troopers, Marvel Super Heroes, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4, Kill la Kill, Bleach, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Evangelion: The Movie, Bible Black, and the short film “Looking for Liana”. Godcat is bringing their work to Kickstarter in hopes of funding the rest of their project, Judgement of Rage. The “2D action game with passion and revenge” follows the actions of Steven S. Morgan, a former prosecutor turned against the laws he once upheld. Having lost his wife and daughter at the hands of gangsters, only to see them dropped of all charges, the team of Morgan, his Kendo-trained sister-in-law, and a professional grappler- the only witness to the crime- set out on a violent quest for revenge.

Judgement of Rage combines classic hand-drawn animation techniques with hand-inked background to create a 2D beat-em-up that provides players with the “most authentic Japanese manga and animation expression” possible. The core gameplay mechanics will be aligned to the simplicity of classic arcade beat-em-ups; Judgement of Rage draws influences from Captain Commando, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and Final Fight. While each character has his or her own different attacks, players will be able to execute additional moves and combos with a variety of fighting game-based command inputs.

Judgement of Rage Kickstarter 1

Godcat Studio is currently developing Judgement of Rage out-of-pocket; a successful Kickstarter campaign will allow the team to finish the project and bring their true vision of the game to life. The story was finalized prior to the crowdfunding campaign, however the rest of the game and its assets are only between 20-48% completed. Stretch Goals have not been announced, however Godcat requires $65,535 to achieve their base funding goal.

Those who contribute a minimum of $15 will receive a digital copy of the PC version at launch, along with access to the developer forum. Contribution tiers range from $5-$10,000, with backer rewards including a digital soundtrack, Beta access, PS3/PS4/360/Xbox One versions, physical merchandise, and hand-drawn artwork; the highest tiers include a personal weapon only present in the backer’s own game, a reoccurring enemy based on the contributor, and even the backer becoming a MOB boss-character.

The Judgement of Rage Kickstarter campaign from Godcat Studio will end on 9/17. If the initial funding goal of $65,535 is met, Judgement of Rage will be projected to release in Aug. 2018.

Source: Kickstarter
Image courtesy of Godcat Studio

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