“R. Mika” Confirmed For ‘Street Fighter V’, Gets New Trailer

Making only her second playable appearance in the Street Fighter series, the aspiring wrestler R. Mika is returning for another bout in Street Fighter V.

Following the announcements of [Charlie] Nash and Birdie, yet another character is returning from the Street Fighter Alpha series. Earlier today, Capcom revealed that the twin-tail-sporting wrestler R. Mika will be playable in Street Fighter V.

Several of “Rainbow” Mika’s original moves have been re-imagined for her 3D debut, however the masked wrestler now has the ability to call her tag-team partner Nadeshiko for V-Trigger assist attacks; Mika’s “Nadeshiko” V-Trigger will call her partner in for one of three input-based attacks, being a forward body-slam, or drop-kicks from the front or behind. Mika can buff her abilities with the “Mic Performance” V-Skill: R. Mika will pull out a microphone to¬†monologue and hype-up an imaginary crowd; the longer Mika’s monologue continues, the stronger her Normal and Special Throws become:

The following characters have been confirmed for Street Fighter V thus far, with a brand new character and three returning characters from the Street Fighter Alpha series:

  • Ryu
  • Chun-Li
  • [Charlie] Nash
  • M. Bison
  • Birdie
  • Cammy
  • Ken
  • Necalli
  • R. Mika

According to rumors from Siliconera, future characters may include Karin, Alex, Urien and Q. Street Fighter V will release for PS4 and PC in Spring 2016.

Source: Capcom
Images courtesy of Capcom

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