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‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ Special Edition Coming To NA

Xenoblade Chronicles X is finally releasing in North America this December, complete with a new Special Edition for collectors.

Japanese Nintendo fans have been able to experience Xenoblade Chronicles X for a few months now, but North American Wii U owners will finally get their hands on the Wii U-exclusive JRPG early this December. A spiritual sequel to the Wii and 3DS title Xenoblade Chronicles, Chronicles X is set on the advent of Earth’s destruction, with humanity evacuating into massive “ark ships” in hopes of colonizing a new planet.

Nintendo of America announced earlier today that a Special Edition version of Xenoblade Chronicles X will be available for North American audiences this December. The “Xenoblade Chronicles X: Special Edition” bundle includes the base title, along with a 100+ page concept art book. Owners will also receive a 10-track digital soundtrack, stored on a USB modeled after the “Lifehold Unit” within the game, and a 5″x7″ print featuring artwork by game illustrator Takashi Kojo.

The Xenoblade Chronicles X: Special Edition is currently only listed on Amazon, however the bundle will be available through various retailers for $89.99.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will release exclusively for the Wii U on 12/4.

Sources: Nintendo, Amazon
Images courtesy of Nintendo, Monolith Soft

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