‘Street Fighter V’ Available To Pre-Order On Steam

It may have been lost within the shadow of Steam’s high-profile Tuesday releases, but Street Fighter V is finally available to pre-purchase on Valve’s gaming platform.

This week marked one of Steam’s most anticipated days of this year; Tuesday held both the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and the new Mad Max game. Along with the new titles, PC gamers can now purchase all four “Mad Max” movies (“Mad Max”, [Mad Max 2:] “The Road Warrior”, “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”, “Mad Max: Fury Road”) individually or in a bundle with the new game.

As of this past Monday, Street Fighter fans can now pre-purchase Street Fighter V on Steam. Those who purchase the game will receive the “Chun-Li Battle Costume” DLC at launch, featuring┬áChun-Li’s iconic black dress alternate costume. A window has not been set, however everyone who pre-purchases Street Fighter V on PC will also gain access to the Street Fighter V Beta, with the initial┬átest coming this Fall.

Street Fighter V can be pre-purchased for $59.99, and will release in Spring 2016 alongside its PS4 counterpart. Nine characters have been revealed thus far, with several returning faces from the Street Fighter Alpha series, and the new character Necalli.

Source: Steam
Image courtesy of Capcom

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