‘Street Fighter V’ “Laura” Officially Shown At Brazil Game Show 2015

A series of leaks from Famitsu, Sony and EB Games NZ may have ruined theĀ surprise, but the newest member of the Street Fighter V was officially revealed today during Brazil Game Show 2015.

Street Fighter V is bringing itsĀ third new character to the franchise, with “Laura Matsuda”. Today’s big reveal at Brazil Game Show 2015 may not have come as a surprise for many- screenshots and a trailer were previously leaked by Famitsu, Sony and EB Games- however Capcom and Producer Yoshinori Ono gave Street Fighter fans more details on the brand new character.

Laura stems from her home country of Brazil, fighting with her family style of jiu-jitsu, “Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu”. Utilizing a blend of grappling and electricity, Laura travels the world spreading her Matsuda style to other fighters. Laura will be a fast, command-grab/projectile-based character, with both V-techniques enhancing her electrical abilities; “Thunder Clap” is a slow-moving projectile capable of stunning opponents, while “Spark Show” increases the chance of stunning an opponent with a command-grab, and the damage dealt from projectiles.

Capcom is also present at New York Comic Con 2015 this weekend, presenting a new NYC stage, and a playable demo with all previously announced characters. Those who pre-ordered either version of Street Fighter V will gain access to the closed-beta later this month; the PS4 closed-beta will open on 10/22, with the PC closed-beta starting on 10/24. Capcom will begin testing PS4/PC cross-play after the PC beta launches.

Street Fighter V will release in Spring 2016 for PS4 and PC.

Source: Capcom
Images courtesy of Capcom

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