“Sniper Wolf” And “Sahelanthropus” Collectibles Shown At NYCC 2015

Kotobukiya brought some of their late 2015/early 2016 collectibles to the NYCC floor, including a prototype Sniper Wolf statue and a Metal Gear Sahelanthropus model kit.

New York Comic Con 2015 kicked off this morning with new announcements across all of pop-culture; new Disney films, four new Marvel films, new Street Fighter V announcements, and the reveal of several new statues and figures for memorabilia collectors.

Kotobukiya previously announced that Metal Gear Solid‘s “Sniper Wolf” would receive her very own statue as part of their Bishoujo series. A prototype model FOXHOUND’s ace-sniper was shown on the show floor, sitting atop a crate while straddling her rifle. This version may not be final, however the statue depicts the same pose as seen in the early promotional artwork:

Sentinel isn’t the only Japanese collectible manufacturer bringing Metal Gear Sahelanthropus to life- Kotobukiya recently revealed their own 1/100th scale model kit of the titanic mech featured in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Much like the Sentinel figure, the Sahelanthropus model kit can transform between its crouching and standing bi-pedal modes.

Pre-orders have not opened for Kotobukiya’s Metal Gear Solid Bishoujo Sniper Wolf statue, however the collectible will release sometime next year. The Metal Gear Sahelanthropus model kit can be pre-ordered through Kotobukiya, Play-Asia and other collectible re-sellers, and is currently expected to ship in January 2016.

Sources: Kotobukiya, Twitter
Images courtesy of Kotobukiya

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