New ‘Dragon’s Crown’ “Amazon” Statue Coming In March 2016

A third collectible manufacturer is trying its hand at an Amazon statue, set to ship next March.

Some of the characters previously came under significant fire from women’s activist groups and outspoken feminists, but there’s no denying that Dragon’s Crown has some of the most unique character designs of Vanillaware’s history. A side-scrolling multiplayer RPG, Dragon’s Crown continues Vanillaware’s tradition of emulating magnificent oil-painted visuals that suck the viewer into a world of fantasy. Apart from Dragon’s Crown, the same style can be seen with Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Wii and Odin Sphere on the PS2.

The playable ladies of Dragon’s Crown all have collectible statues, with varying depictions the Sorceress, Elf and Amazon coming from a plethora of collectible manufacturers; the Sorceress was the first character from the title to receive a statue, with Alphamax’s collectible releasing in early 2014. Japanese collectible studio Beat is now offering a statue based on the Amazon, currently scheduled to release in March 2016. The statue is 1/6 scale at 23.5cm/9.25″ tall, and includes three pieces- the base, character statue, and the axe which can be positioned one of two ways.

While the PVC-sculpted statue may seem grotesque with its disproportional muscular structure, it stays moderately true to the original source artwork of the Amazon, despite the warping of the character sprite during gameplay; the Mega House statue is stylized along the same vein as Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo series, while the X-Plus Gigantic Series collectible has some alterations to the face and torso:

The Dragon’s Crown Amazon statue can be pre-ordered through Play-Asia for $124.99, and is again expected to begin shipping in March 2016.

Sources: Beat, Play-Asia
Images courtesy of Beat, Vanillaware, Atlus

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