‘Bloodborne: GOTY Edition’ Coming To Europe This November

Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition is coming to European audiences this Thanksgiving.

From the creators of the PS3 cult-classic Demon’s Souls and the challenging Dark Souls saga, Bloodborne is From Software’s spiritual evolution of their RPG franchise. The PS4-exclusive title continues the Souls legacy of pushing players to their limits with its strong focus on strategic combat, difficult enemy encounters and imposing boss fights. Bloodborne reached 2 million sales as of September, and is currently nominated in eight Golden Joystick Award categories.

Sony’s European blog announced Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition earlier this morning. As with GOTY tradition, the bundle will include the base game, along with any previously-released DLC. Announced just last month during TGS 2015, the DLC expansion “The Old Hunters” will be included within the bundle, and as a stand-alone purchase. The new Bloodborne story expansion won’t be available until late next month, however The Old Hunters grants additional weapons and armor, access to new environments, and the ability to transform into beasts.

Bloodborne‘s The Old Hunters DLC expansion will be available worldwide on 11/24, with the European GOTY bundle scheduled to release for 11/27. A North American version is likely, though Sony and From Software have yet to confirm a localized release.

Source: Sony
Image courtesy of From Software, SCE Japan Studio

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