‘Senran Kagura’ Creator Announces New Beat-Em-Up For PS Vita

Teased on Twitter last week, Uppers is the latest project from Senran Kagura and Valkyrie Drive creator Kenichiro Takaki.

Senran Kagura creator and Producer Kenichiro Takaki recently hinted at an upcoming project that he’s been sitting on for several years; the tease came through a tweet regarding the current state of Senran Kagura and the new Valkyrie Drive franchise. Takaki’s new mystery project was revealed to be Uppers, a brand new beat-em-up exclusively for the PS Vita.

Under Marvelous Entertainment, Uppers aims to be a high-octane beat-em-up, as¬†several men are thrown onto an island where fighting is seen as a popular form of entertainment. Players will beat-down their opponents as “Ranma Kamishiro”, a young man with incredible strength and physical prowess passed down from his parents, albeit lacking any experience with martial arts. Gameplay will be kept to simplistic button-mashing, however attacks are dependent on the enemy’s distance and stance; attacks are given a boost in damage if nearby women happen to be watching the action.

Apart from the previously-mentioned Takaki, Uppers is in-development featuring the talents of Writer¬†Yukinori Kitajima (Chaos Rings, Okamiden, Ace Attorney 5, Medabots/Medarot 8, Senran Kagura), and Illustrator “Hiroaki” of SNK fame.

Uppers is expected to release in Japan for the PS Vita in Spring 2016.

Source: Famitsu, Marvelous Entertaiment
Image courtesy of Famitsu, Marvelous Entertaiment

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