‘Castlevania’ “Simon Belmont” Statue Now Available For Pre-Order

Before the fall of Gabriel and the legacy of Richter, the tale of Castlevania was told through the actions of Simon Belmont, immortalized with a new collectible from First 4 Figures.

The tale of the Belmont Clan and their involvement with Dracula began 29 years ago with Simon Belmont storming the vampire’s castle with just a whip and an assortment of blessed items. While several generations of the Belmont family came to defeat the numerous reincarnations of Dracula, other families rose up under various circumstances to defeat the vampire lord and his minions.

First 4 Figures is now taking pre-orders on their secondĀ Castlevania collectible- a statue of Simon Belmont. Modeled after his appearance in the original 1986 Castlevania NES box art, Simon Belmont stands fierce in his leather and metal armor, with his whip in mid-crack. Each statue is 1/4 scale, measuring 50.8cm/20″ from the base to the crest of Simon’s whip; every unit is hand-painted and numbered, and cast from polystone resin:

An alternate “Exclusive” edition is also available for pre-order, featuring interchangeable weapons; Simon’s right hand can hold either the Vampire Killer whip or the Short Chain, while his left hand can be swapped to hold the Boomerang Cross:

All First 4 Figures collectibles include an “authenticity card” allowing the owner to purchase the same unit number of the next statue in the series: Simon Belmont is First 4’s second statue in their Castlevania series; if the buyer owns the previous “Dracula” statue, he or she can specifically purchase a Simon Belmont with the same unit number underneath the base.

Both the standard and Exclusive versions of the Simon Belmont are extremely limited, with only 750 normal statues and 299 Exclusive units available worldwide. The standard version can be pre-ordered for $399.99, with the Exclusive listed at $439.99; regardless of version, pre-orders require an initial deductible payment of $20.

The Castlevania Simon Belmont statue from First 4 Figures is expected to ship in Q1 2016.

Source: First 4 Figures
Images courtesy of First 4 Figures, Konami, Nintendo

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