‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Re-Releases For PC Next Week

After a severely troubled launch, Batman: Arkham Knight is returning to digital platforms next Wednesday.

The presumably final chapter of the Arkham saga released earlier this year to critical acclaim. Batman: Arkham Knight increased the scale of Gotham City from the previous incarnation in Arkham Origins (developed by WB Games Montreal), and finally gave fans the ability to dish-out justice with the Batmobile. The PS4 and Xbox One versions launched with minimal gameplay problems, though PC gamers weren’t as lucky; handled in secret by Iron Galaxy, the PC version was plagued with so many game-breaking issues, both the digital and retail versions were pulled from the market. Those who were fortunate enough to run the PC version quickly discovered that it was capped at 30 frames-per-second, compared to the advertised 60fps. Several users also reported hard-crashes upon enabling the NVidia GameWorks features. Since its launch, only two major updates were publicly administered for Arkham Knight.

A representative from WB Games took to Steam earlier this month to announce that Batman: Arkham Knight would hopefully return sometime this month; with only one week remaining, the re-release date has now been scheduled for next Wednesday, Oct. 28. Developer “Yorick” confirmed the date through a new Steam announcement, along with more details regarding the digital re-release. The title will relaunch at 10am PDT, along with a new patch for all pre-existing downloads. The patch will bring the PC version up-to-speed with the console versions, however none of the console-exclusive content will be added. Once the patch is installed, the PC versions will have the hidden Big Head Mode, AR Challenge character-selection, and the bonus Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman Skin.

None of the DLC will be included with the re-releases, however all of the items can be purchased separately or as part of the Season Pass. The complete list is as follows, courtesy of Steam:

AR Challenges
• Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #1
• Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #2
• Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #3

Batmobile Race Tracks
• Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Track #1: Batcave Set
• Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Track #2: Penguin’s Dockyard
• 1989 Movie Batmobile Track #1: Cobblepot’s Causeway
• 1989 Movie Batmobile Track #2: Joker Parade
• 2008 Tumbler Batmobile Track #1: Ashes
• 2008 Tumbler Batmobile Track #2: Cataclysm

Arkham Episodes Story Packs
• Batgirl: A Matter of Family
• Red Hood Story Pack
• Harley Quinn Story Pack
• GCPD Lockdown starring Nightwing

Skins & Batmobiles
• Batman Flashpoint Skin
• Arkham Origins Batman Skin
• Iconic Gray & Black Batman Skin
• 1990s Catwoman Skin
• 1970s Batman Skin
• One Year Later Robin Skin
• 1989 Movie Batman Skin
• 1st Appearance Batman Skin
• Dark Knight Returns Batman Skin
• Batman Beyond Skin
• Original Arkham Nightwing Skin
• Original Arkham Batman Skin
• Classic TV Series Catwoman Skin
• Classic TV Series Robin Skin
• 1989 Movie Batmobile
• 2008 Tumbler Batmobile
• 1960s TV series Batmobile
• Prototype Batmobile
• 1970s Batmobile Skin

Physical versions may remain unavailable, as the PC version cannot be purchased from likes of Best Buy, GameStop or Wal-Mart; Amazon still lists the physical version from “Warner Home Video – Games”, however it’s the original listing from June.

Again, Batman: Arkham Knight will release for PC via Steam on 10/28.

Source: Steam
Image courtesy of WB Games, Rocksteady, Iron Galaxy

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