‘2Dark’ Gameplay Shown In New Trailer

From Frederick Raynal and Gloomywood, save children from deranged serial killers in the upcoming PC survival-horror game, 2Dark.

French studio Gloomywood took to crowdfunding in 2014 to help bring their new survival-horror game to life, 2Dark. Using Ulule as their crowdfunding platform, the team of four developers successfully reached their funding goal, raising just under €34.000/$37,460 of the proposed €33,000/$36,358. 2Dark‘s retro-inspired gameplay uses a blend of in-house voxel-modeling, volumetric lighting and pixel tiles to create a 2.5D top-down experience. Players assume the role of Mr. Smith, a Profiler tormented by the grotesque kidnapping and murder of his wife and children 17 years prior. Smith now tasks himself with finding his wife’s killer, and saving children from the clutches of other deranged serial killers.

Each serial killer has his or her own unique stronghold, coated in a blanket of absolute darkness. Smith’s only tools for navigating the black environments are his flashlight, and the sound given from nearby objects, children and enemies. Once the player finds a captured child, the child will follow Smith around the level until he reaches the exit; each child will behave differently, with some moving at different speeds or being louder than the others. Being children of course, they will begin chatting if Smith remains still for too long, alerting enemies- or worse, the killer- if they are nearby. The children require a small level of micro-management, as Smith will need to silence them or have them closely follow his movements with “Shhh!” and “Follow me!” commands.

Gloomywood recently unveiled a new trailer for 2Dark, showcasing some of the environments players will have to explore in order to rescue the children. Also shown in the gameplay trailer, noise is indicated by a blue sonar signal emitting from the source:

Led by Alone in the Dark Designer Frederick Raynal, Gloomywood features developers who have previously worked on the likes of Alone in the Dark, Little Big Adventure, Toy Commando, Ranx and Tiny Token Adventures. An official release date has not been scheduled, however 2Dark is expected to release for PC in Winter 2015/early 2016. Those who pre-order through the official site will gain access to a playable Beta.

Sources: Gloomywood, Ulule
Images courtesy of Gloomywood

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