‘2Dark’ Finally Releases On PC And Consoles This Friday

Alone in the Dark creator Frederic Raynal’s 2Dark is finally ready to hit PSN, XBLA and PC this weekend.

Announced in October 2015, 2Dark is the child of Alone in the Dark‘s Frederic Raynal and studio Gloomywood. Players assume the role of former detective Mr. Smith as he infiltrates the plagued city of Gloomywood. Having lost his children to abduction and his wife to a murderer, Smith places it upon himself to rescue the children of Gloomywood, all of whom are hostages of deranged serial killers and maniacs.

2Dark is a slower-paced horror title, where sound and stealth are the player’s greatest ally and enemy; enemies, children and animals will emit a quick beacon from the darkness, however various actions within each environment may trigger loud noises, alerting the vile captures of Gloomywood. The children themselves have unique behavioral patterns, and may have to be micromanaged if players wish to escape in one piece. The unique visual style is courtesy of voxel-based models and environments; early in the development cycle, developer Gloomywood released their own voxel-editing software to early adopters of the game.

2Dark will release as a digital title for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 3/10.

Source: Gloomywood
Image courtesy of Gloomywood, Bigben Interactive

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