“I Am Bread X Goat Simulator” Coming From Bossa And Coffee Stain

An “unholy alliance” of characters is upon us with the announcement of GoatBread, a new cross-over project from Bossa Studios and Coffee Stain Studios.

The PC game library is home to some of the most bizarre titles on the planet; from single-person projects to fairly large studios, gamers can find an assortment of parody titles, games with intentionally impossible controls, intentionally broken simulators, and even games where the player wreaks havoc as a piece of bread. Among these eclectic games are Goat Simulator and I Am Bread.

From Coffee Stain Studios, Goat Simulator released exclusively for PC in April 2014; the title has since been ported to other platforms. “Goat Simulator” may sound like a mediocre day of grazing, climbing steep hills and headbutting inferior goats, except that it’s anything but; a parody of the popular Simulator genre, Goat Simulator has the player roaming environments causing as much destruction as possible. The titular goat can leap to insane heights courtesy of the broken physics engine, and anchor itself to objects with its tounge. Additional powerups and transformations were added through updates, allowing the goat to become a toolbox-on-legs, equip a jetpack, or even fire rockets. Satirical levels have been added to Goat Simulator, lampooning other popular games and genres, with “GoatZ” and “Goat MMO Simulator”. Even the launch trailer is a parody, using the Dead Island debut trailer for its inspiration:

A more recent entry into the bizarre PC gaming library, I Am Bread arrived in April 2015 from Bossa Studios, the team behind the popular Surgeon Simulator. Continuing the underlying theme at hand, I Am Bread isn’t a straightforward “bread simulator”, but a quest to torment the daily life of a home-owner. The goal of each level is to toast both sides of a slice of bread to perfection, but how that’s done is completely up to the player; using QWOP-inspired controls to manipulate each individual corner of the bread, the player must make his or her way to a heat source- typically located in some otherwise unreachable location.

Earlier this week, the developers of I Am Bread and Goat Simulator announced a new collaborative title for PC- GoatBread. Dubbed as “an unholy alliance in the gaming event of the millennium”, an announcement trailer depicts the goat and slice of bread on a romantic outing:

A release date has not been scheduled, though GoatBread is “coming soon” to Steam.

Source: GoatBread
Image courtesy of Bossa Studios, Coffee Stain Studios

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