‘Street Fighter V’ Coming In February, “Dhalsim” Revealed, DLC Characters Confirmed

The limber fire-breathing yoga practitioner is coming to Street Fighter V next year, with six more characters to follow later.

Today marked the beginning of Paris Games Week in France, with a multitude of updates from Sony. Among the many new reveals, tech ┬ádemos and announcements, several new details were revealed for Street Fighter V, the fifth core installment of Capcom’s legendary franchise.

Making his debut in Street Fighter II, series icon Dhalsim will return as a playable character in the PS4/PC exclusive Street Fighter V. A pacifist outside of the ring, Dhalsim’s mastery of a unique yoga discipline allows for his limbs to stretch inhuman lengths, and breathe and manipulate fire. His new V-techniques allow him to levitate using the V-Skill “Yoga Float”, and unleash a pool of fire with his “Yoga Burner” V-Trigger. Dhalsim’s new techniques are shown in a brand new gameplay trailer below:

With one more character to be revealed, 16 characters will be playable at launch next year. Capcom revealed during Paris Games Week that an additional six characters will release across the remainder of 2016, teasing each new addition with a series of silhouettes:

Street Fighter V Paris Games Week DLC Announcement

The six additional characters and in-game extras can be unlocked by spending Fight Money; Street Fighter V‘s in-game currency is accumulated through winning matches, raising the level of each character, completing online “daily goals”, and other activities. Alternatively, players can unlock content with “Zenny” purchased through microtransactions. Additional content, patches and gameplay updates will all be administered to both the PS4 and PC versions simultaneously, free of charge.

Street Fighter V will release for PS4 and PC on 2/16.

Source: Capcom
Images courtesy of Capcom

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