‘No Man’s Sky’ Coming In Summer 2016

From a small internal team at Hello Games, the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky finally has an official release window.

No Man’s Sky surprised the gaming community back in Winter 2013, making its world debut at the VGX Awards. From Sean Murray and a small team within Hello Games, the developers behind the Joe Danger franchise are venturing into space exploration with a colorful, procedurally generated universe; players can explore planets, solar systems- even entire galaxies.

A new gameplay trailer for No Man’s Sky was shown today during Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference, highlighting fleet combat, offensive encounters, and the ability to scan areas for life forms. Keen eyes will notice that players may now pilot other spacecrafts, presumably even large warships. As the trailer states, No Man’s Sky has an official release window of June 2016.

A concrete date has not been scheduled, however No Man’s Sky will release simultaneously for the PS4 and PC in June 2016.

Source: Sony
Image courtesy of Hello Games

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