‘Electronic Super Joy’ Now Available For Wii U

Wii U owners can finally get their taste of the pulse-pounding brutal delight that is Electronic Super Joy.

From Michael Todd Games, Electronic Super Joy is a challenging platformer currently available for PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS and Android devices. Backed by an intense electronica soundtrack from artist Envy/”EnV”, players must endure a lengthy gauntlet of challenging vibrant levels and boss fights. Level-specific obstacles may hinder the player’s progress, with trampoline arrows, sticky walls and seeker missiles all bent on enforcing Electronic Super Joy‘s one-death rule.

Wii U owners can finally have their turn at Electronic Super Joy, as the title is now available to purchase via the Nintendo eShop. The console release includes the base game, bonus levels from the “Bonus Content” DLC, and the “Micro Hell” DLC.

The stand-alone expansion Electronic Super Joy: Groove City is also available for purchase, where players must aid JoJo the Giant Robot Stripper in her quest to reclaim her Lazer-Nipples from the evil Dr. Swinger:

Electronic Super Joy is available for $7.99, with ESJ: Groove City listed at $4.99.

Source: Nintendo
Image courtesy of Michael Todd Games,

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