‘Metroid: Other M’ “Zero Suit Samus” Statue Returns Next Year

Good Smile Company’s ultra-popular Zero Suit Samus statue is getting a re-release scheduled for next year.

Next to Princess Zelda and the princesses of the Mario franchise, Samus Aran is one of Nintendo’s- let alone the entirety of gaming culture’s- most iconic female heroines. Debuting in 1986’s Metroid for the NES and Famicom, Samus Aran is a lone bounty hunter tasked with the extermination of the alien Metroid species. Raised by the avian Chozo race, the avian species equipped Samus with her famous Varia Suit, capable of fighting against Metroids and the forces of the Space Pirates. The Metroid saga spans across eight consoles and handhelds, including the upcoming 3DS spin-off Metroid: Federation Force/Blast Ball.

Developed by Team Ninja, Metroid: Other M is currently the last entry in the series to release on a home console. The title borrowed elements from both the side-scrolling games and the Metroid Prime series from Retro Studios, allowing players to actively switch between 3rd-person and first-person by pointing the Wii-mote towards the TV. Hardcore fans of the franchise criticized the game for cracking Samus’s hardened bounty hunter persona, in exchange for a personal “humanizing” backstory involving her time with the Galactic Federation. Despite the criticism, fans were quick to adopt the Other M version of Samus’s Zero Suit; an updated version of the one seen in Metroid: Zero Mission, the Other M Zero Suit can be seen in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, and on several statues depicting the iconic heroine.

Earlier this week, Good Smile Company announced that their popular Zero Suit Samus statue will return for yet another re-release scheduled for next year. Modeled after her appearance in Metroid: Other M, the 1/8th scale statue features Samus Aran wearing the Zero Suit, posing beside a baby Metroid.

The Zero Suit Samus Aran statue from Max Factory and GSC is currently available to pre-order through GSC’s online shop for ¥9,500/$78. Statues are expected to begin shipping in May 2016.

Source: Good Smile Company
Images courtesy of GSC, Max Factory, Nintendo, Team Ninja

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