‘King Of Fighters XIV’ Trailer Teases “Leona” And “Chang Koehan”

After an extended absence, King of Fighters is coming back with some familiar faces, but an entirely different look.

It’s been five long years since the release of King of Fighters XIII on North American consoles. SNK Playmore’s famed cross-over fighting game franchise has since dabbled in the Shoot-Em-Up and Rhythm genres, though KOFXIII remains as the last entry in the core Fighter series. Much of SNK was acquired earlier this year by Ledo Millenium; while the company and its parent conglomerate promised to use SNK’s properties for future games and cartoons, many fans were left skeptical to the fate of their favorite franchises. Fortunately KOF fans can rejoice, as the next chapter of the fighting game saga is already in development.

To the surprise of many, King of Fighters XIV was revealed at TGS 2015 with a very brief teaser trailer. The footage was met with polarized reactions, due to the use of 3D models and stiff pre-Alpha animations. SNK Playmore released a second teaser trailer earlier this week, this time featuring brief footage of Leona and Chang Koehan:

King of Fighters XIV is currently in development for the PS4, and will arrive sometime in 2016.

Source: SNK Playmore
Image courtesy of SNK Playmore

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