SNK Playmore Acquired By Ledo Millennium

Leyou Technologies subsidiary Ledo Millenium recently purchased the majority of SNK in hopes of creating future games, movies and animated series.

A longtime competitor with Capcom in the Fighter genre of video games, SNK Playmore was recently acquired by a direct subsidiary of Chinese company Leyou Technologies. Investments from tech corporations Wuhu Shunrong Sanqi Interactive Entertainment and Oriental Securities Corp. allowed Leyou subsidiary Ledo Millennium to purchase 81.25% of SNK Playmore’s shares from the former SNK CEO and his wife, Eikhichi and Natsuyo Kawasaki. The deal was finalized in Osaka, Japan this past Thursday for an estimated $63.5 million.

According to Zheng Jianhui- CEO of Oriental Securities subsidiary Dongfang Xinghui- the primary reason behind the acquisition lies within the vast amount of characters and lore established within SNK’s franchises. Jianhui wishes to use the “Marvel formula” with the SNK universe, by continuing to expanding their franchises into new video games, anime, and feature-length films. Leyou Technologies and their subsidiaries are already looking into collaborating with other Chinese media corporations and game developers.

SNK Playmore was a direct competitor with Capcom during the height of the 90’s-early 2000’s arcade Fighter scene. SNK’s franchises included the likes of Samurai Showdown, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, World Heroes, and their own internal cross-over King of Fighters. The Japanese company is also responsible for the classic Metal Slug arcade-shooter franchise.

Sources: Shunrong Sanqi, NeoGAF
Image courtesy of SNK Playmore

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