Prime 1 Studio Reveals 33″ ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Statue

[Warning: Indirect Story Spoiler] Japanese collectible manufacture Prime 1 Studio just revealed the prototype version of their massive 33″ Arkham Knight collectible statue.

The Arkham Knight is the titular new villain of Rocksteady’s latest game in the Arkham saga, Batman: Arkham Knight. Shortly after the events of Arkham City, Scarecrow forces an evacuation of Gotham City, allowing for the catalog of Batman villains to roam freely, buildingĀ their own controlled districts throughout the city. Scarecrow enlists the aide of the Arkham Knight, a militarized technologically advanced mercenary with a previous attachment to the Dark Knight, to finally end Batman’s reign of justice over Gotham.

Premium-level collectible manufacturer Prime 1 Studio released a new series of photos for their upcoming product, a highly-detailed statue of the Arkham Knight himself. Standing at approximately 33″ tall, the “MMDC-02 Arkham Knight” collectible features a wide array of interchangeable components and accents. Switchable arms and hands are included, with each one corresponding with the Arkham Knight’s sniper rifle or handguns. The helmet features embedded LEDs to accent the eyes:

While pre-orders have not opened for the MMDC-02 Arkham Knight statue, the collectible is priced at $899; only 1500 units will be manufactured.

An additional “Exclusive Edition” statue will also be available, featuring Red Hood’s helmet, and a character-themed red chest-plate. The retail price will be the same as the standard version, though only 1,000 statues will be released.

Sources: Prime 1 Studio Facebook Page, Prime 1 Studio JP
Images courtesy of Prime 1 Studio, DC Comics, Rocksteady, WB Games

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