‘Cuphead’ Gameplay Shown At Gamescom 2015

The 1930’s cartoon-turned-shooter, new Cuphead footage debuted at Gamescom 2015.

Cuphead in “Don’t Deal With the Devil” is the debut title from brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer of Studio MDHR. Expected to launch in 2016 for Xbox One and PC (via Steam), Cuphead utilizes hand-drawn and hand-inked visuals, along with an original jazz soundtrack, to accurately recreate the feel of 1930’s cartoons. Players can take control of either Cuphead or Mugman- or both with co-op multiplayer- and test their skills against an eclectic assortment of side-scrolling and “Shmup” stages, and challenging screen-filling bosses.

Among the hundreds of games featured at Germany’s Gamescom event this week, classic shooter fans have the opportunity to play Cuphead on the show floor. New gameplay footage highlighting some of the boss fights surfaced online courtesy of IGN:

Cuphead in “Don’t Deal With the Devil” will release for PC and Xbox One in 2016.

Source: IGN
Image courtesy of Studio MDHR

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