New ‘Cuphead’ Gameplay Shown Ahead Of E3 2016

The challenging 1930’s cartoon returns to E3 this year to show off new platforming gameplay.

From Studio MDHR, Cuphead is an upcoming action-platformer/bullet-hell hybrid in development for Xbox One and PC. Inspired by the cartoons of old, Cuphead uses hand-drawn visuals and live big band and orchestral jazz recordings to emulate classic 1930’s ink cartoons.  The title first debuted at E3 2014, teasing challenging Shmup (“Shoot-em-up”) style bosses and two player co-op between protagonists Cuphead and Mugman. Though Cuphead is expected to release later this year, some Cuphead content already exists on the Xbox One; Cuphead, Mugman and a pre-made Sunset Overdrive character were all available for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 as pre-order DLC customization items.

IGN has the latest footage of Studio MDHR’s Cuphead just in time for E3 2016, showcasing the platforming gameplay elements of the game. Previous gameplay clips have featured several of Cuphead‘s eclectic bosses and the Item Shop, however this is the first time fans actually get to see the platforming elements in-action. Only one stage is shown, however interested gamers can get a peek at the Mega Man-esque “run-and-gun” gameplay, as Cuphead shoots and air-dashes his way through the stage. As shown in the latest trailer and through previous gameplay clips, Cuphead and Mugman can charge and fire special attacks by absorbing specific enemy attacks; available special attacks are indicated by playing cards in the bottom corner of the screen.

Cuphead will release for Xbox One and PC via Steam sometime this year.

Source: IGN
Image courtesy of Studio MDHR

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