‘MGSV: The Phantom Pain’ Play Arts Kai Figures Coming Soon

Venom Snake’s scouting buddy D-Dog and the mysterious “Third Boy” Tretij Rebenok are getting Play Arts Kai figures from Square Enix, scheduled to release very soon.

Square Enix previously released several Play Arts Kai figures for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain earlier this year; watchful collector’s could have had a chance to get their hands on several Punished/Venom Snake figures with varying suits , Ocelot, Quiet and Skull Face. Two more Play Arts Kai MGSV figures will release very soon, being D-Dog and Tretij Rebenok.

Known as the enigmatic “Third Boy” in The Phantom Pain, invested fans will recognize Tretij Rebenok as the younger version of Psycho Mantis, one of the most memorable villains from Metal Gear Solid [The Twin Snakes]. Sporting a black oversized straight-jacket and long red hair flowing out from behind a gas mask, Tretij only appears briefly before using his powers of telekinesis to manipulate the environment and summon¬†hostile projections.

A few hours into The Phantom Pain, players are given the option of saving a puppy from the Afghan desert. If Snake chooses to bring the puppy back to Mother Base, players are rewarded with D-Dog, a fully-grown scouting dog to be taken on missions. D-Dog can be equipped with varying harnesses, including one with its own Fulton system, and another engineered for sneaking; D-Dog can even kill enemies with a small knife with the Sneaking Suit equipped.

The MGSV: The Phantom Pain Play Arts Kai figures will release very soon, with Tretij Rebenok coming this month, and D-Dog following in December. Both are available to pre-order, with Tretij Rebenok available for $74.99 and D-Dog at $89.99.

Images courtesy of Square Enix, Kojima Productions, Konami

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