‘Silent Hill 2’ “Bubble Head Nurse” Figure Now Available For Purchase

Figma’s Silent Hill 2 figure is now available for purchase, albeit in limited supply.

Since her initial debut in Konami’s Silent Hill for the PS1, the Nurse has become one of the most familiar characters of the Horror genre. With their sultry figure and juxtaposed bandaged and mangled faces, the nurses will stalk the player in packs with unnerving determination and erratic movement. Depending on the protagonist, the Nurse appears as a physical manifestation of the character’s disdain towards hospitals, hatred of a mother figure, or a representation of sexual frustration.

Earlier this year, Good Smile Company announced that two of their most popular Silent Hill Figma collectibles would be re-issued this Fall. While the “Pyramid Head/Red Pyramid Thing” figure re-released over┬áSummer, the Figma “Bubble Head Nurse” is now available for purchase, though supplies are already limited. Modeled after the Silent Hill 2 Nurse incarnation, the Bubble Head figure depicts the bandaged nurse wearing her retro-inspired blood-spattered uniform. As with most Figma collectibles, the figure includes a bandaged and naked “face”, a bloody knife and steel pipe.

Again, figures are in short supply, but the Figma Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurse can now be purchased for $41.99.

Source: Play-Asia
Images courtesy of Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Konami

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