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‘Mega Man Legacy Collection’ 3DS Collector’s Edition Revealed

The 3DS release of Mega Man Legacy Collection is getting its own Collector’s Edition, complete with a gold Amiibo.

A new Mega Man game may not happen for quite some time, but Capcom isn’t done re-introducing the “Blue Bomber” to modern gamers; Mega Man and X recently appeared in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, Project X Zone and its sequel, and in several collectible figurines and statues. Mega Man-themed items can also be found in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Developed by Digital Eclipse, Mega Man Legacy Collection features the original six NES Mega Man games, all remastered for 1080p displays. The compilation includes unlockable design notes and artwork found in the Museum Mode, and a Challenge Mode throwing players into a level constructed from random elements of each included Mega Man title. Capcom recently announced that the 3DS version would receive its own Collector’s Edition for $49.99, scheduled to launch next February. The Legacy Collection Collector’s Edition will include 4 stickers, 18-song soundtrack, 6 Mega Man postcards, and a golden Mega Man Amiibo figure, which grants the player access to additional Challenge stages:

Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS Collector's Edition Gold Amiibo

Physical Xbox One and PS4 versions will also release next February, also with 4 stickers, the soundtrack, and a “Robot Master cheat sheet” with each Robot Master’s ability and weakness.

Mega Man Legacy Collection is currently available as a digital download for PC, Xbox One and PC; the physical console versions and the 3DS version will all release on 2/23. The golden Amiibo will only work with the New Nintendo 3DS [XL], and not previous models.

Source: Capcom
Images courtesy of Capcom, Digital Eclipse


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