Capcom Establishes Mobile Business Division For Asian Marketplace

Following the leads of Nintendo and Sony, Capcom is next in line to bring some of their IPs to the mobile gaming industry.

The mobile gaming market may receive tons of flack for the occasionally flagrant use of microtransactions, however phones and tablets are quickly growing into an extremely popular gaming platform. Earlier today, Capcom announced their plan to re-enter the mobile gaming industry over the next year. According to the latest investor press release, Capcom has established a “Mobile Business Division” with the intent of bringing some of their IPs into the world of mobile gaming. Former development studio Beeline Interactive Japan has been renamed to Capcom Mobile, and will aide in the licensing and development of mobile titles in Japan and Asia. Capcom currently plans to release four new mobile titles during the current fiscal year (“2016-nendo”, 4/1/2016-3/31/2017) based on the Monster Hunter, Mega Man and Sengoku BASARA properties.

This isn’t Capcom’s first venture into mobile gaming, as the developer and publisher already has a handful of titles available within the Japan and Asia regions, with a prime example being Rockman Xover (pronounced “Cross-Over”). Several other studios- including Gearbox, Bethesda, SNK and WayForward- either have originals or ports of titles optimized for smartphones and tablets, including Fallout Shelter, Metal Slug Attack, Borderlands Legends and the iOS version of Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse. Nintendo is also taking a shot at mobile gaming, with Miitomo and the future release of augmented-reality game Pokemon GO.

Source: Capcom Japan
Image courtesy of Capcom

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