‘Titanfall 2’ Teaser Revealed, Full Trailer Coming In June

Suit up and prepare for mech warfare with the new teaser trailer for Titanfall 2.

From developer Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall released in 2014 exclusively for Microsoft consoles and PC; the Xbox One and PC versions were developed under Respawn, with the Xbox 360 port arriving later courtesy of Bluepoint Games. Often compared to the free-to-play PC-exclusive multiplayer game Hawken, Titanfall was praised for its fresh take on the Mech genre, granting players the ability to summon their mech-suit- a “Titan”- at will, and allowing it to act as a sentry guard or an active backup unit on the battlefield. Skilled players could ride on the shoulders of a teammate’s Titan, or even mount and sabotage enemy Titans. Fans were quick to express their concerns over the lack of a single-player offline campaign and launch-window content, however Respawn Entertainment released a series of free DLC content packs containing a plethora of new maps and weapons for each Pilot and Titan class.

Respawn and publisher EA announced in March 2015 that a sequel was in development not just for the PC and Xbox One, but as well as the PS4. Earlier today, the developers released a brief preliminary trailer for Titanfall 2, teasing the possibility of sword-wielding Titans.

Titanfall 2 does not have a current release window, however additional details and an extended trailer are expected to release during E3 2016.

Source: Respawn Entertainment
Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment, EA

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