‘Kinetica’, ‘Wild Arms’ Now Available On PS4

Upscaled 1080p versions of two PS2 classics are now available for the PS4 via PSN.

While they may dismiss the idea of backwards-compatibility for the PS4 despite the actions of their competitors, Sony is continuing to release a plethora of classic entries from the PS1 and PS2 library for their latest console as digital titles. Joining the ever-expanding digital catalog are two early-2000’s PS2 cult-classics- Kinetica and Wild Arms 3.

Released in 2001, Kinetica is an action-racing title developed exclusively for the PS2 by Santa Monica Studios (SCE Santa Monica). The title featured nine playable characters each with his or her own unique “Kinetic Suit”; these cybernetic suits allow for the wearer to move at high speeds, scale walls and perform aerial stunts.

The third installment of the popular Steampunk and Spaghetti Western inspired JRPG series, Wild Arms 3 released for the PS2 in 2002. Players control a band of four drifters- Clive, Gallows, Jet and Virginia- bent on protecting their home planet of Filgaia. Each character is equipped with a magical “ARM”, a weapon that doubles as both a gun and a device for summoning magical “Guardian” deities.

While neither Kinetica nor Wild Arms 3 are HD re-releases or remakes, both games have been upscaled for 1080p displays. Kinetica can be purchased through PSN at both available for PS4 via PSN at $9.99, with Wild Arms 3 listed at $14.99, however both games are currently discounted for PS+ members.

Source: PlayStation Store
Image courtesy of Santa Monica Studios

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