‘The King Of Fighters XIV’ Trailer Shows “Team Yagami” Gameplay, Dated For EU

Iori, Vice and Mature are back for the fourteenth installment of The King of Fighters.

After a six year absence- disregarding the shoot-em-up KOF Sky StageThe King of Fighters is returning for its fourteenth numbered installment. To the surprise of almost everyone, the series is venturing back into 3D after the 2D sprite-based KOFXIII; 2006’s KOF: Maximum Impact 2/KOF 2006 was the last title in the franchise to feature 3D models and environments.

With 50 characters from the SNK Playmore archives, KOF XIV boasts the largest roster of playable fighters in the franchise thus far. Though some favorites may not return for story-related reasons, SNK Playmore is still releasing trailers highlighting each iconic team of fighters, with the latest featuring Team Yagami. Composed of the last Yagami Clan descendant and two former members of the Hakkeshu Brotherhood and Orochi Clan, Iori, Mature and Vice can be seen below exercising their vicious gameplay styles:

The King of Fighters XIV will release exclusively for the PS4 in North and South America on 8/23, with the Japanese version arriving on 8/25; the European version has also been given an official release date under publisher Deep Silver for 8/26.

Source: SNK Playmore
Image courtesy of SNK Playmore

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