‘Prey’ Announced By Arkane Studios

After their recent adventures in the city of Dunwall with Dishonored, Arkane Studios is exploring the supernatural future with Prey.

It has yet to be confirmed as to whether or not it’s a sequel, reimagining or reboot of the franchise, however Arkane Studios surprised E3 2016 audiences with the reveal of Prey. Set 16 years into the future, players jump into the role of Morgan Yu, resident of the Talos 1 spacecraft, and the subject of questionable experiments that alter his perception of reality. Prey promises to be a tense sci-fi experience laced with psychological thrills, though this aspect of gameplay was not expanded upon during Bethesda’s E3 presentation.

Prey will release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 sometime in 2017.

Source: Bethesda
Image courtesy of Arkane Studios, Bethesda

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