‘Dead Rising 4’ Gets Debut Trailer, Releases This Holiday Season

Dust off the Christmas decorations, Capcom’s favorite zombie-slaying photographer returns for Dead Rising 4.

Dead Rising is back for its fourth installment, with original protagonist Frank West at the helm. Officially shown during Microsoft’s E3 conference- though leaks spoiled the surprise early for some- Dead Rising 4 is set during the holiday season- presumably Christmas day. While the debut trailer shows only a few brief gameplay clips, it’s suggested that Dead Rising 4 could either be a direct sequel or a reimagining of the first game;¬†Frank West is much younger than in his Dead Rising 2 cameo and the stand-alone Dead Rising 2: Off the Record title. The shopping mall at hand also appears to be the one from Dead Rising‘s fictitious¬†Willamette, CO, but with a Christmas theme. Those who look closely at West’s Twitter profile may notice the “Following” and “Followers” counts read “2006” and “2016”- the release of the original Dead Rising, and the announcement of Dead Rising 4.

Dead Rising 4 will release this holiday season for Xbox One and PC.

Source: Capcom
Image courtesy of Capcom

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