‘Scalebound’ Multiplayer Gameplay Shown At E3, Coming To PC

Scalebound took the Microsoft Xbox stage at E3 again this year to demo new multiplayer gameplay.

Scalebound is an upcoming new IP developed exclusively for the Xbox One by Platinum Games. Following the borderline insanity that is Bayonetta, Scalebound continues Platinum’s flair for wild action and screen-filling bosses, with players controlling an edgy dragon-riding hero while fighting some of the largest creatures in the history of video games.

After its admittedly rough gameplay debut at Gamescom 2015, Scalebound returned to Microsoft’s E3 2016 conference with a brand new gameplay segment and comparatively polished visuals. The new demo features four-player co-op against a massive crab; each player takes turns hacking away at the “small” intricacies of the creature, systematically destroying the nodes on its head, the joints, and its exposed organs.

Scalebound will now release for both Xbox One and PC exclusively through the Windows 10 store sometime in 2017.

Source: Platinum Games
Image courtesy of Platinum Games

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