Microsoft Officially Reveals Slim Xbox One, Teases “Scorpio”

Disregarding a NeoGAF post from yesterday afternoon, Phil Spencer officially revealed a new slim model Xbox One during today’s E3 presentation.

Anonymous early reports claimed Microsoft was working on not one, but two new versions of the Xbox One. As the months progressed, rumors began circulating of a more power Xbox One; codenamed “Project Scorpio”, the rumor mill suggested that this new console would be more powerful than the upcoming PS4 Neo. Alongside this new super-Xbox One, Microsoft was allegedly working on a slimmer version of the One, with a built-in power supply and support for 4K video. This was recently confirmed to be the “Xbox One S” thanks to an early leak via NeoGAF.

Presented by Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, the Xbox One S was officially revealed during Microsoft’s E3 2016 stage presentation. Featuring a 40% smaller chassis, the Xbox One S features an integrated power supply, with an IR receiver, Bluetooth support and improved Wi-Fi connectivity. The new console will also support 4K Ultra HD when applicable.

Three models are available for pre-order, with buyers choosing between a 500GB ($299.99), 1TB ($349.99) and 2TB ($399.99) internal HDD. The slim-line console also includes the new Xbox One Wireless Controller, featuring improved wireless and Bluetooth range and textured grips, and a vertical stand.

While only the codename was shown during E3, Spencer confirmed that the future Project Scorpio Xbox One was still in development. Scheduled to arrive in Fall 2017, the enhanced version of the Xbox One sports six teraflops of power, and can run games in native 4K resolution. Dubbed “the most powerful console ever built”, Project Scorpio will be able to support high-end VR at launch next year.

The Xbox One S is scheduled to release this Fall. Pre-orders have already opened through various retailers.

Source: Microsoft
Image courtesy of Microsoft


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