‘Wild Guns Reloaded’ Gameplay Trailer Revealed

The SNES classic Wild Guns is coming to the PS4 with a widescreen remastered edition.

It was revealed in May that Natsume’s Wild Guns franchise would return this year with a new title exclusive to the PS4. The original Wild Guns released in 1994 for the SNES/Super Famicom in Japan, with the North American and European versions arriving in ’95 and ’96. A steampunk-inspired Western shooter, players must fend off cowboys and robots with the reticle in the “shooting gallery” area of the stage akin to classic arcade shooters, while fighting enemies in the foreground with melee attacks. The game featured two playable characters- Annie and Clint- frantically shooting across eight stages, each with three individual zones.

Though it isn’t technically a continuation of the franchise, Wild Guns Reloaded was confirmed to be a remaster of sorts, with enhanced sprites, 4-player co-op with two new characters, and widescreen 1080p resolution; the new version is also created by several members of the original 1994 Wild Guns development team.

Wild Guns Reloaded will release as a PS4-exclusive digital title later this year; an official window has not been announced.

Source: Natsume
Image courtesy of Natsume

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