‘XYDONIA’ Kickstarter Launches Next Week

A crowdfunded callback to 90’s Shoot-Em-Ups, XYDONIA is currently on Steam Greenlight, with a Kickstarter campaign arriving soon.

Italian development crew Breaking Bytes is heading to Kickstarter to fund their debut gameĀ XYDONIA. Inspired by the iconic Shmups of the 90’s, XYDONIA is an option-based-weapons shooter designed to emulate the feel of playing an old 16-bit arcade game on a CRT TV or monitor; apart from it’s 4:3 CRT-emulated presentation, XYDONIA features music and effects crafted from the same synthesizer and sound chip configuration used for the YM2612 (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive) successor, the YM2151+SegaPCM.

Shmup veterans will notice several nods to the likes of R-Type, Darius and Gradius franchises within the ship designs, enemies and visual style of XYDONIA. Players will have three characters to choose from, each piloting his or her own ship equipped with unique weapons. Though weapons can be upgraded through items within each level, boss enemies will drop “Scrap” which can be used for permanent weapon modifications. Unlike most traditional Shmups, stages will feature dynamic level progression; alternate pathways may be accessed after destroying parts of each stage, however skilled players may even find stages completely hidden from the “normal” game altogether.

XYDONIA is currently listed on Steam Greenlight, with the official Kickstarter campaign launching on 6/27. An early Alpha build is available for download through the XYDONIA GameJolt page.

Source: Breaking Bytes, Steam
Image courtesy of Breaking Bytes

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