‘XYDONIA’ Crowdfunding Campaign Now Underway

Classic Shoot-Em-Up action lands on Kickstarter with XYDONIA from Breaking Bytes.

From Italy’s own Breaking Bytes comes XYDONIA, a 16-bit call-back to the console and arcade Shoot-Em-Ups of the 90’s. Notably inspired by the likes of R-Type and Gradius, XYDONIA is presented in 4:3 with emulated CRT scan-lines, or with an arcade cabinet style artwork marquee on either side of the game when in widescreen. Where the title departs from its spiritual predecessors, players can switch between three weapon types during gameplay- an “active” version of the “Option” mechanic found in various Konami Shmups. When a boss is defeated, it will leave “Scrap” in its wake for the player to collect; Scrap can be used to upgrade and acquire new weapons for each of XYDONIA‘s characters. Though the game can be completed in a linear fashion, adventurous and daring players can potentially unlock alternate routes leading into completely hidden stages, some of which can only be accessed with certain pilots.

Breaking Bytes launched the official Kickstarter campaign for XYDONIA yesterday morning, with €20,000/$22,223 set as the initial funding goal. Various Stretch Goals include Mac and Linux ports, additional music from guest artists, online co-op and Xbox One and PS4 versions. If the Kickstarter campaign reaches €80,000/$88,405, XYDONIA will receive a Nintendo 3DS release. For a minimum of €10/$11, Shmup fans will receive a digital PC copy of XYDONIA through Steam at launch; other contribution rewards include a digital soundtrack, artwork, physical “retro” jewel-case edition,  the chance to be in the game as an “assist character”, or even design a boss character and special Backer level.

The XYDONIA Kickstarter campaign will remain active until 7/27. If the project is successfully funded, XYDONIA may release in Fall 2017.

(Please note that given Euro-to-USD conversions may fluctuate due to recent events in the EU.)

Source: Kickstarter
Image courtesy of Breaking Bytes

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