‘XYDONIA’ Kickstarter Successfully Funded

With the help of eager Kickstarter backers, XYDONIA is officially coming to PC, Mac and Linux next year.

XYDONIA is a brand new Shoot-Em-Up currently in development from Italian indie team Breaking Bytes. With its emulated CRT filter, 4:3 presentation and Sega Genesis-era soundtrack, XYDONIA is a clear homage to the Japanese Shmups of the early 90’s, with the most notable references coming from R-Type and Darius. The title deviates from traditional Shmups in that it features Assist Characters with passive gameplay modifiers, ship upgrades for each of the main characters, and dynamic stages leading to hidden paths and alternate endings.

The Kickstarter campaign for XYDONIA closed just hours ago, with backers contributing more than 120% towards the initial funding goal- €25,925 of the proposed €20,000 ($28,666/$22,114); Mac and Linux versions are now planned, as the campaign successfully achieved its first Stretch Goal of €25,000. Though not directly related to the funding of the project, the final release will feature Starr Mazer protagonist Brick and the “Starr Wolf” as a playable character and ship courtesy of developer Imagos Softworks.

XYDONIA can also be found within Steam Greenlight, and is expected to release for PC, Mac and Linux in Fall 2017. An updated Windows demo for XYDONIA, available as a free download through their official GameJolt page.

Source: Breaking Bytes
Image courtesy of Breaking Bytes

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