‘Bioshock Infinite’ “Elizabeth” Statue Coming Next Year

Bioshock Infinite‘s Elizabeth is getting a new 18″ statue from premium-level collectible manufacturer Gaming Heads.

The deuteragonist of Bioshock Infinite, Elizabeth Comstock is the time-displaced daughter of protagonist Booker DeWitt. Formerly “Anna DeWitt”, Elizabeth is given to her parallel universe father Zachary Hale Comstock in exchange for Booker’s debts. Now living under the name “Elizabeth Comstock”, Anna is imprisoned in the floating city of Columbia under the ever-present watch of the mechanical Songbird. Following after the time-travelling parallel universe extravaganza of Bioshock Infinite, Elizabeth returns as a playable character in the DLC “Burial at Sea – Episode 2”.

From the team behind the life-sized Kratos bust and collectible recreations of Skyrim‘s Shrine of Azura and Shrine of Malacath, Gaming Heads is now accepting pre-orders for their new Bioshock Infinite statue featuring Elizabeth. Standing at 45cm/18in. tall, each hand-painted statue is cast in polystone resin. The 1/4th scale collector’s item features intricate clothing and character detail, from the seams of Elizabeth’s story-debut outfit to the thimble on her right pinky finger. An alternate Exclusive Edition features an LED-embedded base accenting the “Salts” and “Munitions” cases.

The standard “Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth” statue from Gaming Heads can be pre-ordered for $299.99, with the Exclusive Edition listed at $339.99. Both statues are expected to begin shipping in Q1 2017.

Source: Gaming Heads
Images courtesy of Gaming Heads, Irrational Games, 2K Games

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