“Kratos” Life-Size Bust Now Available For Pre-Order

The Spartan’s head makes its way into the hands of collectors later this year, as a limited-edition bust is now available to pre-order…for $599.99.

One of Sony’s most iconic “heroes”, the “God of War” himself will get a limited-edition bust, courtesy of memorabilia manufacturer Gaming Heads. Designed by artist Diego D. Gonzalez and cast from polystone resin, each of the 500 busts stand at 28″ tall, are detailed and painted by hand, and are each individually numbered. Each purchase also comes with a validation card, allowing the owner to purchase items with the same model-number from the future God of War line of collectibles (i.e. if the owner purchases a bust numbered “158 of 500”, the card allows him/her to specifically purchase “158” in the next set of collectibles).

The Kratos bust from Gaming Heads will release sometime in Q2 2014, and can be pre-ordered through the Gaming Heads website; again, only 500 will be manufactured. Gaming Heads is also responsible for the “Lara Croft – SurvivorTomb Raider statue.

Sources: GameInformer, Gaming Heads
Image courtesy of Gaming Heads, SCE Santa Monica

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